13 Wedding Make-up Hacks Every Bride Must know

Wedding day is special for every individual. A wedding is more than a celebration, it is the occasion where two unknown, sometimes known, separate souls, gets united as a single soul. In most of the moments, it is a dream come true for the groom and the bride.

Preparing admirably for the very first moment of the wedded life is a major wish for the bride, and this is one of the most significant occasions experienced by the bride.

This article is primarily composed of the brides who are eagerly waiting for their dream day. This article contains several wedding make-up hacks every bride must know.

Hair Dryer

Pre-wedding preparation:

Beguiling gleam or magnificence is something that can’t be picked up in a day. The lady needs to prepare herself up a couple of days before the wedlock. 

Skin whitening drink:

The brides, reading this might think for what reason is the skin whitening drink included as a point under make-up hacks. This is included because glowing skin is a result of the proper intake of drinks. Thus, consume skin whitening drinks for healthy glowing skin.

Skincare routine:

Instead of stating it as a skincare routine, it’s better to state it as a CTM routine. CTM stands for Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturiser. It is important not only for the brides but also for everyone. The cleanser cleans the skin. Face and body wash are some conventional cleansers. A bride needs to choose a cleanser that suits her skin followed by toner, which can be used twice or thrice a week. The next is moisturizer. It hydrates the skin, leaving the skin soft and smooth. for this you can also visit saloons like Inland Empire Bridal Hair spa.

Body scrub:

It’s essential to maintain not only the face but also the body. The use of body scrub exfoliates and removes dead skin, leaving it smooth and soft. After using a body scrub, the application of body lotion is essential. On the off chance that you neglect to apply a body cream, rashes occur, and the skin turns rough.


Maintaining hair is an absolute necessity for every bride. A bride might travel a lot after her wedding. So, she needs to take care of her hair. A well-maintained hair can resist pollution and chemicals.


Facial before the wedding helps in the flawless blending of make-up on the wedding day. It will be perfect if a facial is done a week before the wedding.

Face and body whitening:

It helps to remove tans and dark circles. The body whitening procedures have to be started a month prior to the wedding.


At long last, all things considered, foot care is additionally a fundamental thing that a lady of the hour should focus on. Pedicure ought to be done a week before the wedding.

Follow all these pre-wedding procedures to get the glowing skin on the day of your wedding. 

Wedding make-up hacks:

If you have followed all the above mentioned pre-wedding skin and body maintenance procedures, your skin is now set and ready to take up the make- up.


The trial of the wedding dress prior to the wedding day is essential to ensure the fit. Ensure that the wedding dress is ironed well beforehand.

Style your hair:

Before starting with the make-up, style your hair. There are several hair accessories available in the market. Grab those accessories and style your hair that additionally suits the dress you are wearing. Style your hair in a way that remains intact for an extended period.

Face make-up:

To begin with, clean your face and start with eye make-up. Fill in the uneven areas of the eyebrow. Use concealer to remove eye bags and obtain an even skin tone. Choose your favorite eye shadow or the one that matches your outfit and apply it on the eyelids, then apply eyeliner to make your eyes look even more lively. Now, it’s time to set your face. Use a foundation, primer, and highlighter that suits your skin tone and apply it on the face one by one. Choose a lipstick that gives an appealing look to the lips. Ensure that the cosmetics you choose are waterproof and long-lasting.


Once you are done with the face make-up, select the ornaments that suit your outfit.

Now the bride is completely ready for the wedding ceremony.

I hope the above-given information and make-up hacks were helpful to the brides who are getting ready for their dream wedding. Try all the make-up hacks and stay beautiful on the day of your dream wedding.

Happy married life!!!

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