Tips on Successful Fishing in Rain – Beginners Guide for Fishing

Fishing tips


Fishing tips

Are you heading for an outdoor activity? But Oh! This downpour, literally spilled boatload of water on your plans, isn’t it? But do you know which event can still be worth carrying out in this rain, any guesses? ‘DRUMROLL’ it’s FISHING guys!

There are many factors you need to think about before you throw your lineup, like having to know the region, tides, Moon stages, water temperature, and also naturally, the current weather. Light rain has a tendency to dissuade some anglers out of hitting on the water however it actually offers a fantastic opportunity for grabbing fish.

The rainfall can sure be a hindrance but not for hardcore fishing enthusiasts who, despite the constant downpour, will leave no stone unturned in heading for their favorite fishing spot. Apart from that, the rain not only provides opportunities for discovering some new fishing spots and triggers the brain to garner new ideas for fishing in this rough weather. There’s a plus to it as well, but it also keeps your fair-weather angler “friends at bay!”

Here I’ll be mentioning some pro tips which would make your fishing experience worthwhile, while you’re there fishing and brag about how adept you’re at fishing in the rain.

Wear comfortable and appropriate raingear

You certainly don’t want to get distracted while you are fishing, and for that investing in a good quality raingear becomes essential. While fishing, a positive approach becomes obligatory in the persistent rains and hence ditch the emergency rain suits, instead choose some slip-on rain jacket. This will ensure that you are dry and warm and keep your fishing game secure.

Hunt for the spot with limpid water

As rainwater flows across the land, it tends to pick up residues that accumulate in the lake and makes your fishing experience dreadful in the turbid water. Hence, look for the most transparent water available. Fishes look for shelter from the polluted water. Therefore, search for coves and protected locations where you can find ample fishes.

Avoid thunderstorms as safety stands first

During rain, you might be enticed to go outside, and fish but safety always stands first. Tune into the local weather forecast before heading out. Fish in the rain as long as you enjoy, but DO NOT mess around when it starts lightning.

When you hear thunder roaring at a distance, pack your stuff and call it a day!

Switch baits and use colorful lures

While fishing carries enough baits. Once you’re there fishing make use of baits which are vivid in color and noise causing tackles including crack baits and popping corks.  Don’t switch the patterns but switch the types of lures. From trying your hands on a spinnerbait to a square-bill, keep changing until you catch something worthwhile or discover that you are at the wrong spot all-together.

Consider the temperature of water while fishing

Rain can remarkably alter the temperature of the water. For example, during summers, it typically cools down the temperature of the water and reverses it in winter. A comfortable temperature assists in raising the oxygen levels and adds food to water,

Creating a microenvironment in the surrounding

Hopefully, the tips I’ve shared comes handy to you and has encouraged you for fishing in the rain. Just keep your safety in mind and stay indoors during unfavorable conditions so that you remain alive to fish for another day!

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