Different Options Of Trading Offered In IQ Option!!

IQ option is a well-known broker trading platform. That supports trading various cryptocurrencies, forex pairs, stocks, indices, and other essential commodities. The platform offers highly advanced prediction tools that help in winning good profit.

According to the official data, approximately 2,000,000 trades are placed per day on this platform. This is huge and shows the reliability of the application.

The trading Iq option in Thailand offers different trading options that include Binary option, Digital option, FX option, Stock CFD option, Forex trading, Cryptocurrency trading, and many more. Moving further, let’s look at some of the trading options in detail. The best treading site is here know more about it https://www.fxsinergi.com/รวว-iq-option-–-โบรกเกอรหลอกลวงหรอของจรง

Digital option trading

The digital trading option is one of the most used trading platforms. This is because of its higher payout percentage that goes up to 900%. In this platform, the trader can place the bid within two strike prices of the commodity. Further, the digital option is available in two currency pairs, that is.

8 OTC (over the counter), it can only be traded on weekends

19 standards, it is also traded on weekends

One can place bids in digital trading with the expiry time of 1 to 5 minutes. Less than one minute and more than five minutes are not allowed. Non-EU traders can only use the platform.

FX option trading

As you all know, retail traders of the European Union are no longer able to place bids in digital trading. However, this option is best for them, and only the option available on the IQ option for retail traders. This trading option offers uncapped profitability for the trades.

One can trade on this platform with an expiry time of 10 minutes to 60 minutes. The users least use this option as it contains a lot of time and offers less percentage of the payout amount.

Cryptocurrency trading option

With the extraordinary growth and exceptional volatile, cryptocurrencies have attracted numerous potential investors throughout the world. You can do easy and safe trading with the IQ option. It also offers some of the most highly advanced predicting tools that predict the prices rising and falling.

It will help in deciding whether to place the trade or not. The application offers two types of cryptocurrency CFDs that are.

Special crypto CFDs

Standard crypto CFDs

The special crypto CFDs contains much lower spreads and much higher leverage than the standard one. You will need to know that the CFDs expired daily, which is within 24 hours. For more information, you can visit the trading Iq option in Thailand. There you will get detailed information on every trading platform.

Lastly, all the trading options offered in IQ options have different rules and regulations. You must need to get some knowledge of it before starting real money trading. Otherwise, you may suffer from a loss of money. It is recommended to watch free training videos that are provided on the application. For better understanding, you can also take paid learning courses.

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