List of 5 Best Geeni Smart Home Products

geeni smart home products

All the green products can be controlled via an Individual Geeni application for a convenient and to make a smart home. Geeni bulbs and Backpacks are also Alexa compatible Allowing voice Control along with Amazon Echo, as well as Additional integrations Coming. The newly unveiled Geeni line of smart home products includes a range of smart bulbs, cameras, and power solutions. All the services and products can be manipulated via one merged Geeni app, to get a convenient and smooth smart house experience.

The cloud-based app combines the Ease of an on/off switch with premium features such as grouping, Bright scenes, and robust sharing features. Here please note that Geeni has also provided their application for Android and Mac users mean you get complete access of all apps on your PC using geeni app for mac and windows.

Geeni Knobs and Bulbs Are Also Alexa Harmonious, allowing Voice-control using Amazon Echo, with additional integrations coming.

Balance Smart Scale

It is a quick and easy way to track weight, body mass index, body fat percentage, body water percentage, basal metabolic rate, coronary fat grade, bone mass, and muscle gain

This smart bathroom scale works together with your home wifi no hub demanded! Simply download the Geeni app, connect your apparatus, and Begin tracking your health

This scale is simply appropriate for two. 4GHz wifi networks. Plus, you can connect straight into the Apple Health or Google Fit app to keep an organized approach. Fitness is a team effort! Store multiple users’ data and track the fitness of all the family. Geeni could be the market leader of cheap and approachable smart home devices

Wi-Fi Smart Door/Window Contact Sensor

Know when someone enters your house with the Geeni smart door/window sensor. It connects to a Wi-Fi system to instantly send alarms to a smartphone once it finds you have an urgent guest, opened a safe or escaped puppy. Install this Geeni smart door/window Detector on almost any surface via the Enclosed screws or Glue

  • Door and Window Detector Permits You to get alerts when Windows and Doors are opened or closed
  • Battery-powered for lasting performance the Integrated battery Offers continuous operation for up to 2-years

BREATHE XL Smart Air Purifier

It is true HEPA licensed and eliminates 99. 97% of all airborne particles, including dust, pollen, dander, smoke, odors, and germs. Plus, it can be easily set up and handled with your smartphone by voice using Alexa, Google Assistant, along with Microsoft Cortana. This intelligent home air purifier from Geeni works together with your home wifi with no pulse required!.

Once joined, you can use your smartphone or voice to reverse the apparatus booting, establish schedules, and permit your spouse, roommates, or even visitors to get.

The Geeni Breathe XL is just Harmonious with two 4GHz wifi networks. Plus, it has quiet operation, auto turn down, 3 fan speeds, a timer, and removable filters using a sign which tells you as soon as it needs to be corrected.

PRISMA 1050 75W 

  • No Router Demanded, Wi-Fi is built into the bulb
  • Get a Grip on your bulb individually or as a Set with your Smart Phone, or voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Choose from millions of colors
  • Ready to use anywhere around your home, such as Floor and Table lamps, Fans and Much More
  • Estimated energy cost of $1.20 per year (based on 3 hours/day, cost varies on Speed and usage)


By the use of these smart home products, your life will be very easy going your living will be comfortable as well as your living standard will increase. The above-mentioned products are the best for making your home smart home your home will access your voice as you want to get things done.

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