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IQ Option is the best platform for the traders who cannot remain prolonged at any trading terminal. The application can be installed on mobile for free. The mobile version of this application is mainly designed for smartphones that allow the traders to check their account status and updates of the market at any time.

However, it also sends notifications related to the latest rates of assets. Through the mobile version of the application, the trader can execute the trades within seconds. For this one needs to have an account, that can be open in simple steps. Startingly, the platform provides you a demo balance of ten thousand.

Through which you can gain some experience of real trading. Afterward, to start real money trading, you need to deposit a minimum of ten dollars in the account. You can opt for various payment options to deposit money that includes credit card, debit card, digital wallets, etc.

However, trading iq Option in Indonesia dos not offer any bonus on deposit. It only gives several rewards when you join the competitive tournaments. If you want to become a professional trader than read the free tutorials and watch training videos that are available on the application.

It will teach the basics of trading and working in financial markets. Moving further let’s discuss some more on it. To know more about the tips visit-

Trading costs at IQ Option

The application is transparent and popular for its less trading fee. Have a look at various fees that should be considered.

  • Withdraw costs – the application costs no fee for withdrawal as a service provider but money transfer from the bank contains a fee of $30. That is deducted by the bank only.
  • Dormant account – if the account has placed no trade for more than 90 days. Then the application will start charging a dormant account fee that costs ten dollars. If the account balance is zero then the fee will be deducted on the next deposit.
  • Spreads – it is the basic difference between the sell and buys prices. Amount of which depends upon the condition of the market, volatile and liquidity. It varies with day to day and not fixed.
  • Commission charge – it is only deducted when the trader does trade on cryptocurrency. It does not apply to any other currency or asset. It costs 2.9% of total trading money as a commission charge.

Mentioned above are all fees and costs that are charged by the application. It is minimal as compared to other trading platforms. However, the application also offers several rewards and prizes in return.

Additionally, you will be provided with 24/7 customer care service. They will assist you in every problem and also provide proper guidance to invest in the right asset. Lastly, trading iq Option in Indonesia is getting popular day by day.

This is because of its vast benefits and special features. Millions of trades are placed every day on this platform. All the trades are secured with highly advanced computer software. If you are looking for any good online trading platform than it would be best for you.

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