How to treat Frostbites?

Frost Bite

Do you feel like freezing when exposed to low temperatures? The extreme cold might freeze your skin leading to redness and numbness. This condition is called Frostbite. Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can cause this Frostbite to reduce the blood flow in some of your body parts like hands, feet, toes, fingers, nose, and ears

Frost Bite

It is an injury caused by freezing of the skin and underlying tissues. First, the own skin gets very cold and reddish, then numb, hard, and pale. Frost bite is most common on the palms, feet, nose, ears, chin, and lips. Exposed skin from cold, windy weather is most vulnerable to frost bite.

But frostbite may appear on skin covered by gloves or other clothing. Frost-bite is most likely to affect parts of the body that are further away from the system core and, therefore, have less blood flow.

The underlying tissue of your skin might get a little damaged due to the Frostbite. There are mainly three stages of Frostbite, which can make your life problematic. Mild Frostbite can affect the body tissues, but severe Frostbite starts freezing your bones. Severe Frostbite can blacken your body tissues leading to the infection. But, you should not be worried about frostbites, because you can treat frostbites in the first stages quickly at home.

Symptoms of Frostbites

Frostbites, if left untreated, might result in severe damage to your body tissues. Home remedies can cure mild Frostbite, but if it becomes severe, you have to visit a doctor immediately without neglecting it.

Your skin will become waxy, greyish, or white if you are affected by Frostbite. You might feel a little numbness in your skin, and there might be sensations like itching, burning. The skin might become hard and pale. Later, if the condition becomes severe, then frostbites might lead to tissue damage making your affected body parts bluish. You can also notice blisters if the condition is acute.

Ways of treating Frostbites

You should not ignore the symptoms of Frostbite if you find it in your body. You can try some home remedies to treat the affected area and make the conditions stable.

  • For treating Frostbite, you have to restore warmth in your body. You might go to a warm place. You can use warm water to treat the affected area. Avoid walking on the frostbitten toes.
  • You can drink a little warm water and avoid wet clothing. You can cover yourself with a blanket and make sure the affected area doesn’t get exposed to much cold atmosphere. You can wear a woolen dress to avoid freezing temperatures.
  • Avoid rubbing the frostbitten skin for more injuries. You can wear socks to protect your feet and toes. You can protect your head with a scarf and use gloves for your hands.
  • Dehydration can increase the risk of Frostbite. So, drink more water and try to keep yourself hydrated.
  • If you can recognize the symptoms of Frostbite early, you can treat it quickly without any trouble. If the condition worsens, you have to visit a doctor. The doctor will provide you the necessary treatment and also the medicines required to reduce pain to prevent infection.

So, if you want to cure your Frostbite in the early stage, you can follow the above steps. During the winter season, you can take necessary precautions and try to keep your body warm and hydrated. If your conditions get worsened, leading to tissue damage or cell death, then you might have to face surgery. If you find any symptoms of Frostbite, then don’t be late. You can either follow these steps and stay safe or you can visit a doctor for medicines and treatment. Treatment and medication at the right time are essential because Frostbite can bring you harmful results if left untreated for a long time.

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