Drilling Machinery Process, Types and Features

Need to hang your favorite frame on a selected wall? But you have no pining point, and should be thinking about to call the drilling master. Here is a solution to your complicated situation. You can drill on your own wall, you just need some simple tools and techniques. You will get your needed tools on any online drilling machine market and bring it by ordering online. You can choose preferable sets within your budget. Now on the internet, you can search for drilling guide tips and perform it step by step.

Process: In past days people use to hit hammers over pins or drivers to make a whole on a wall, a table, rock, and ground. But after the invention of the drill machines, it becomes easier. Choose and mark a point where you want to make a hole.

The size of a whole depends on the drill pin diameters. Not only in a room or on a table, but the drilling process is also used in roadside works and field works to make large pipe holes and man-holes for sewerage works. So a drill machine is not for domestic works also used in large construction sites by companies. Don’t forget to read their functionalities and reviews at drilling-it before buying any drilling product.

Types of machines:  Various types of machines are used to solve different purposes and they are divided by their shapes, size, utility, speed, and voltage. Depending on the hole-depth capacity we can name this as-

  • Portable driller– is a handful and easily carriable driller, which is mainly used in drilling deep surfaces with small diameter, especially lifting by hand, and it also comes with a vertical pin.
  • Upright driller-it creates medium diameter in metal and wooden surface, it is medium in size but don’t need to lift for drilling.
  • Sensitive driller- this machine is the high-speed worker with a smaller diameter pin, it is used to drill plastic, fiber, thin plywood type light materials. Example-switch holes on a switchboard.
  • Radial driller- it is a modern system to punch a hole in a sophisticated way.
  • Gang driller- it has more than 3 pins to drill multiple holes at a time.

Drilling features: According to drilling point we can separate the shape of holes like-

  • Spot drilling– in this process a spot is drilled to chalk out the final drilling whole spot.
  • Deep drilling– it is done for making a big surface area whole with expanded diameter.
  • Gunpoint drill- this method is very common, just drill the accurate small point with a small diameter.
  • Trepanning drilling- it is a very large area drilling process, firstly it needs to mesure with a compass-like point and then drill the area.
  • Micro point- it creates a very tiny point whole, which is less than .5 diametre, we can example watch hole for it.
  • Vibration drilling- it is a revolutionary technique which is still now under research, much industrial company uses this vibrating system to drill maximum space with less effort.

The drilling process is now getting easy with advance technology, big project companies hire machines along with professional drilling guide. Otherwise today it is easy to use electric and battery drilling machines at your own place.

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